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FLOCAFE Espresso Room

In 1994, the first Flocafé shop opened its doors to the Greek public, introducing and eventually establishing a new era of taste and quality. Over this 20-year successful course, Flocafé has been a leader in the Food service sector of mass catering with more than 90 shops. The company developed and evolved through continuous training and group work, this way building a long-lasting relationship with consumers. Our endless energy, our particular passion for coffee and the continuous search for optimized services and products has taken us to the next level - the FLOCAFE Espresso Room. The goal of this new concept is to upgrade the customer experience in a new ambience where everything – the people, the products, the aromas, the music – become one in order to form the perfect blend, every single moment.

Our people

The most precious asset of FLOCAFE Espresso Room is its people. The franchisees, the executives, the employees in the shops and in the company’s offices – exceeding 1,300 people – have all a common passion, coffee, and share the same desire for knowledge and creation beyond any limits. Committed to customer hospitality and to the success of the FLOCAFE Espresso Room, they work all together offering a sentimental essence to the brand, a human soul to the shops and a sense of “your people” to the customers. FLOCAFE Espresso Room and its people – fully dedicated to the coffee culture – make up a special high-end, yet easy-going, opportunity for relaxation, communication, hanging around and flirting, festively wrapped up in indulgence. Join our team! Send your cv by email at estiasis-hr@vivartiafs.com or visit our offices (Ermou 6, Syntagma square, 2nd floor – Monday to Thursday 10:00 – 17:00. Tel: +30 210-3313095) and apply now. More info about the General Data Protection Regulation for those interested in applying for a job opening, here.

Our Blends

Our Blends

Qahwa in Arabic means strength. The coffee that was born in Ethiopia in about 700 A.C. was named after it, then due to travel to Yemen and from the port of Mocha to Istanbul, Venice and Rome to become eventually the most popular drink in the world.

The two basic coffee varieties that are being cultivated are Coffea Arabica, with the fine flavour and the rich aroma and Coffea Conefora Robusta with the stronger and rougher flavour due to its double caffeine content. Coffee makes a small journey to get to our mug.

Once its cultivation is completed, its fruits are collected and its beans are processed, so that the mix of the blends can follow in order to get unique flavour combinations. During roasting, the necessary oils giving coffee its aroma are released, while the full sense of taste and aroma is achieved with the grinding.

At FLOCAFE Espresso Room, we gathered all our know-how and we selected the right people with experience and passion for coffee, so that we can serve you three different blends that will satisfy your taste buds and will travel your senses.


Arabica and Robusta varieties from Africa. The African coffee varieties Arabica and Robusta are mixed and properly roasted in order to form a unique blend with dark-colored and rich cream. This blend is characterized by a strong taste that reveals nutty notes. It is the favourite one of Italians, while it will become the ideal choice for those of you looking for coffee with intense and long-lasting taste.


100% Arabica variety from Brazil and Colombia.

Especially made for FLOCAFE Espresso Room, this exceptional blend, consisting of 100% Arabica coffee beans collected in Brazil and Colombia, offers your palate a full sensory experience. It stands out for its round taste, its well-balanced acidity and its strong aroma that brings out the scent of citrus fruit. It is addressed to those of you who are after coffee with balanced flavour and character at the same time.


100% Arabica variety from Honduras.

The fruit, cultivated in limited quantities, closes within it all the features of the soil, as dictated by the specialty single-estate coffee varieties.

Its fine quality gives you the chance to enjoy it until late in the night.


Our blends

Discover our 3 blends and enjoy your coffee made of the one that suits you the most.

Other coffees

Apart from our unique blends, our knowledge involves the preparation of all kinds of coffees as well. Enjoy!

Coffee cocktails

Our experienced baristas get creative with coffee beans and come up with special flavours by adding different ingredients and flirting with bold combinations.


Biscuit in a beverage, ice cream in a glass, praline with a straw, sour cherry with milk foam, caramel-covered ice cube; you will find it all in the special beverages prepared by FLOCAFE Espresso Room!


Chocolate beverages that excite the senses and bring childhood memories back to mind.  


Discover our incredible tea varieties and let herbs, flowers, fruit and spices take you all the way to the Far East.


Add in your weekly routine some delicacies that will give a different taste in your breakfasts.


Our freshly baked biscuits, special cakes and airy croissants are the perfect idea to complement your coffee.


For a light meal, indulge in our fresh salads with original dressings to please every appetite.


Exceptionally fresh products for those who value quality and variety; delicious and nutritious ideas for a nice and quick meal prepared with great care.


Authentic, home-style recipes for delicious, indulging sweets that will definitely cheer you up; you won’t be able to put your spoon down!


The imaginative combination of ingredients and the upbeat mood of our bartenders form a great fun experience.


Our Brunch

Flocafe Espresso Room, launches a brand new Brunch Menu and presents once more a unique taste experience!

The eggs and the pancakes dominate the scene of the new menu, with many classical recipes as well as playful twists!

If you are looking for the healthy alternative, the Brunch brand new menu offers a wide range of options. Try the Flocafe Healthy Bowls with yogurt, topped with a variety of toppings or the fresh salads as an appetizer or even a main dish and complete your “Brunch experience”.

And since there is no proper Brunch without alcohol, pick one of the two all time classics: The classic Bloody Mary or the Mimosa with sparkling wine and orange juice.

For the Flocafe Espresso Room fans, its famous snacks such as the juicy burgers, the tartines and the filling club sandwiches could not be missing from the new menu.

You may check our menu by clicking here!

Enjoy the Flocafe Espresso Room Brunch Menu daily till 5p.m.at the following stores :The Mall Athens, Golden Hall, Athens Metro Mall, N. Erithraia, Glyfada & Ilion.

  • The Mall Athens (210-6107350)
    THE MALL ATHENS, Neratzionitsa - Marousi,151 22
  • Golden Hall (210-6839734)
    Leoforos Kifisias. & Spyrou Loui 37 Α, 151 23
  • Athens Metro Mall (210-9758892)
    Leoforou Vouliagmenis 276, Agios Dimitrios, 173 43
  • N. Erithraia (210-6204082)
    Charilaou Trikoupi 146 & Strofiliou, 146 71
  • Glyfada (210-8982290,210-8982258)
    Lazaraki 8 & Nap. Zerba, 166 74
  • Dafni (210-970 0962)
    Averof 52, Dafni attikis, 172 35
  • Delta Falirou (210-9411070)
    Palaia Leoforos Posidonos 1, 175 61
  • Kifisia(210-8084303)
    Kiriazi 40 & Kassaveti, 145 62
  • Smart Park (210-6025222)
    Smart Park shopping mall – E. Poulaki, Spata 190 04
  • Heraklion Crete Ι (2810-371372)
    Minoos 2 & Sof. Venizelou, Emporiko Kentro Talos



Flocafe Espresso Room Street

In December 2015, the FLOCAFE Espresso Room concept takes one step further in its development and creates the Flocafe Espresso Room Street.

FLOCAFE Espresso Room Street differentiates itself from all the other stores of the chain: It is a smaller, cozy space, open from early morning hours until late in the evening, ready to serve the needs of all people whose lives move at a fast pace. It is the ideal place for your first morning coffee accompanied by different sorts of delicacies, which you can either enjoy on the go, or instore, or even have them delivered to you by the store’s delivery service.

Its atmospheric space is characterized by industrial materials, while its predominant details refer to original street codes – cinder blocks, iron panels and recyclable wood, metal and colors such as grey, white, black and brown.

Coffee is the absolute hero in the store: Our skilled baristi will present you a whole new world of different coffee varieties and will prepare your coffee according to WBC (World Barista Championship) standards. You only have to choose among the 3 exciting Flocafe Espresso Room blends: America Latina Selection 100% Arabica, African Earth – made by African Arabica and Robusta varieties – and the exceptionally rare Honduras Premium blend, cultivated in limited quantities in one – and only one – single estate farm.

Moreover, in the new Flocafe Espresso Room Street you can enjoy the famous and all-time classic signature beverages, such as the legendary biscolatto and flo white!

You can choose and enjoy your favorite blend in the store, on the go but also take it with you: in Flocafe Espresso room corner, you can buy your favorite blend, in a special packaging, freshly grounded, to enjoy at home as well!

Our stores


It's all about coffeee


Did you know that…

Filter coffee has the highest concentration of caffeine?


Coffee aroma

Coffee must always be freshly-ground in order to get the maximum out of its flavours and aromas.


It’s all about the details!

It is important to filter the water we use as it is constitutes one of the basic ingredients for the preparation of a perfect espresso.


You burnt it!

The profile of your coffee is at its best when hot water is used for diffusion. If, though, the temperature of the water is excessively high, then all the aromas and flavours of the coffee are destroyed.


The perfect espresso

9-bar pump pressure, 90-94oC water temperature, 70-10 gram coffee, 16-20 kg tamper press, 25-30’’ diffusion time, 25-30ml beverage.


The ideal cappuccino

30ml espresso and finish with milk and milk foam.


Cappuccino Latte

130ml espresso, 180ml steamed milk and 30ml milk foam.


Cafe mocha

30ml espresso, 15ml chocolate beverage, 150ml steamed milk and 30ml milk foam.

Tough questions…easy answers!


Flocafe is the Greek coffee chain with the longest heritage in Greece. It all began in 1994, when the first Flocafe store opened its doors for the public in Kifissias Avenue, turning espresso into an everyday necessity of the Greek market. In 1995, the chain created its first store outside Athens, while 2000 was the year of the first Flocafe onboard a ship. In 2003, the Flocafe brand first appeared abroad, in the city of Nicosia, Cyprus. In 2014, Flocafe took one step further in its evolution and was redefined as FLOCAFE Espresso Room, the ultimate concept focused exclusively on coffee as an integrated experience, while in 2015, the chain developed this concept even further with FLOCAFE Espresso Room Street. FLOCAFE Espresso Room Street differs greatly from the other chains’ stores: it is a smaller and cozier space, open from early morning hours until late in the evening, ready to serve the needs of all people whose lives move at a fast pace, who seek the ideal place for their first morning coffee accompanied by different sorts of delicacies, to be enjoyed on the go, instore, or even delivered through the store’s delivery service.

From 1994 until nowadays, Flocafe, as a member of the Vivartia group of companies, which is the largest group of companies in Greece, operates more than 60 stores in Greece and abroad (London, Prague, Egypt, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Hungary), while the company also holds a leading position within captured markets (Shopping centers, Ships, Airports, National Roads, Hospitals).

Throughout these years, Flocafe sets the trends, constantly educates consumers in the coffee process, selects and offers different blends and creates signature beverages which have been much appreciated by consumers and have turned into brand names themselves, such as the legendary biscolatto. The company’s success comes as a result of continuous investment in innovation, research and development, and through Flocafe highly organized franchising system.

Now you can become a part of the most successful Greek coffee story!

Being part of Vivartia Group, a large group of companies with solid infrastructure, Flocafe is in position to provide great support at all levels to its associates & partners and this is the main reason for choosing to invest in one of the Flocafe Espresso Room or Flocafe Espresso Room Street stores.

The benefits from the collaboration with Flocafe are evident from the very first moment of becoming a Flocafe partner, as you have access to tools provided by organized departments, such as technical department, research & development, marketing, operations consulting, quality assurance etc.

The assistance provided in finding the proper establishment, the training & certification of staff, all marketing actions aimed to advertise and promote the store, the operations consulting, all of which is provided by specialized advisors, are some of the services at the disposal of each and every investor.

We invite you to join our team of Franchisees!


For more information, please visit https://www.vivartiafoodservices.com/franchise/greece or contact:

Head of Development: Gavalas Konstantinos

Tel: 216-9392900

E-mail: kgavalas@vivartia.com

Website: https://www.vivartiafoodservices.com/franchise/greece

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